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+1 (631) 566 7312

Sound Justice Initiative Inc.

Jail Education Program

We provide adults and young adults in county jails college and employment preparation courses.

What We Offer

Through the liberal arts, SJI offers thought provoking liberal arts mini-courses, employment preparation and life skills classes.


We create pathways to ensure the continuity of educational opportunity in higher education,
vocational/technical and apprenticeship programs.

How Can I Pay?

We assist in the completion of college, financial aid, and employment applications, and more.


Liberal arts develops a strong sense of social responsibility and a broad range of soft skills that 93% of employers agree are more important than hard skills
-The Association of American Colleges and Universities.

how we help

Reduce Recidivism


Our Advocacy

Re-Entry Programs

Providing liberal arts education to incarcerated students in local jails and supports further education and personal development through a network of programs and community organizations.

We advocate for educational equity and quality in K-12 schooling.

We advocate expanding New York States’ Tuition Assistance Program to accredit educational programs in correctional facilities.

Ensuring continuity of programming

We provide community based liberal arts courses to adults and young adults post incarceration, on
probation and parole.

We create pathways to accredited higher educational programs leading to associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degrees.

We create pathways to certifications from accredited vocational and technical programs.

We create pathways to paid apprenticeship programs.

Change Lives, Families, Communities, and the World

Our Featured Campaigns

Help is Our Goal

What Makes Us Different

We Educate

Education is core to rehabilitation our liberal arts module program equips students with skills, ethos, and experience to complete a college degree.

We Help

-Foster self-confidence, dignity and self-respect

-Break the cycle early in the criminal justice process

-Reduce recidivism (reincarceration)

-Promote more peaceful encounters with others

We Build

We create Pathways to educational opportunities and connect students to accredited educational programs and needed community resources to ensure their success in re-entry.

Our Mission

We break the cycle of incarceration early in the criminal justice system process with liberal arts courses and programs in local jails and in communities.

We Need Your Help

SJI is dedicated to lowering recidivism everywhere!

Safe + Easy Donations

How We Get The Job Done

All donations are tax deductible. While we advocate for policy reforms that will benefit incarcerated and formerly incarcerated persons, we do not advocate on behalf of individual politicians or candidates.

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